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The Avakian Company was started as a family business by Mr Daniel Avakian in the county of Pieria, Greece, in the early 1950s.
The Company

Since its establishment the company has valued its reputation for credibility and long-term commitment to the processing and distribution of its products, as well as demonstrating sincere respect for its customers. We are proud of being pioneers in the production, packaging and distribution of dried nuts and fruits. We continue to demonstrate care for our customers and their changing needs.


Since its start-up the vision that dominates our company’s operations has been built upon two key principles: 


*      The excellent quality of our dried nuts, through the use of modern methods of production and packaging


*      The sincere relationship of cooperation with customers, which is the building block of our competitive commercial trading in the market


These two principles have become guidelines for the development of the operational functions of the company, not only in the county of Pieria, but also in Greece more generally. We excel in the quality of our products as well as in the excellent customer service we provide to both wholesale and retail customers. Despite the company’s growth, the enterprise continues to operate within the same family-oriented culture and organizational flexibility that characterized its early development.


Corporate Values

Our corporate values are our guiding principles in all the decisions we make and have directly contributed to the development and fulfilment of our corporate objectives.


We believe that we cannot remain competitive in the market if our ways of trading are not consistent with our corporate values. We develop partnerships with local producers who share our corporate values of integrity, continuous improvement, customer value, and corporate social responsibility.


  • Integrity

Sincerity, honesty and ethical behaviour in trading are the basic principles that characterize our business activity. We believe that our corporate partnerships must be driven by credibility and transparency in the context of information exchange, as well as in finding mutually beneficial solutions and resolving disputes in our trading interactions with our partners.


  • Continuous Improvement

Our competitive advantage results from making improvements in our operational activities. We learn from our mistakes and are not complacent in our successes. We believe that only through making improvements in our operational procedures can we remain competitive. We are honest with our customers and growers about what we must do to change. Our goal is to keep enhancing our methods of working in order to be results oriented. Our goal is to create new conditions for success and growth.


  • Customer Value

We become competitive when our customers are satisfied with the quality of the products as well as with the service we provide. Our corporate goal is to re-engineer our business functions so that customers enjoy added-value from their trading with us. The creation of added-value is achieved through the offering of competitive prices, product quality and continuous improvements in our methods of production and packaging. We believe that our transactions with our clients are not just a timely selling activity but rather a long-term partnership. We believe that an essential precondition to achieving this is honesty and respect for our customers’ needs.


·         Corporate Social Responsibility

We contribute to the wider social community/environment in which we operate, which requires demonstrating awareness of corporate social responsibility. Our goal is to contribute to society through the protection of the environment and by minimizing waste as well as pollution. A large part of the packaging of our products is produced entirely from recyclable materials. We are committed to sustainable development of the environment and this is part of our corporate social responsibility strategy.



The quality of the products we distribute is the prime concern of our company. We can respond to both small and large corporate demands by our customers regardless of the size of their orders. We possess the necessary resources in our equipment, and have expertise in processing, packaging and distributing our products. Moreover, we support local nut and fruit growers. We believe that our cooperation with local growers creates conditions for mutual rewards that benefit our customers.


The exercise of quality control is an important prerequisite for our cooperation with suppliers. Such controls contribute to the proper cultivation of the products and they also ensure their quality taste. Furthermore, we understand the growing dietary importance of eating dried nuts and the role that they will continue to play in the market in the future. We believe that the dietary benefits of dried nuts will continue to be realized through various research studies which have already been done and others which are currently underway.


Our cooperation with retailers allows us to anticipate opportunities in the market and change our methods of working so that we can meet their specific needs. Our goal is to harness our knowledge and expertise in processing and packaging so that we can create the right conditions for achieving added value. 


If you are interested in making wholesale purchases we will be happy to discuss costs in further detail.



Our company supplies our products to various regions in Greece. We possess excellent infrastructure regarding the equipment that allows distribution of our products quickly and efficiently. We supply our products to the supermarket chain of Venus Masoutis, among others.


If you want to taste our products we will be happy to discuss your corporate needs.


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